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What is your strategy for optimizing CRM technology investments?

 The first rule of any technology in a business is that  automation   applied to an efficient operations will magnify efficiency…   The second rule is -  

that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify inefficacy.                                   Bill Gates

Over the course of the last 20 years, companies have spent billions of dollars on CRM and sales force automation technology.  In most cases, business owners and senior managers have been completely disappointed with the return on the investment as measured by increased sales.

Complexity and lack of buy-in from salespeople combined with on-going expense has caused over 30% of these companies to completely scrap the entire platform.

If you have installed a CRM solution and do not feel that your investment in time and dollars has paid off or you are currently evaluating a CRM solution, perhaps we should have a conversation.

Many clients hire us to review their current technology.  Together we develop a sales process blueprint, get their team on board and optimize their CRM investment.

Other clients are starting we guide them through the entire process to make sure they optimize their investment in technology, time and company human resources.

With over 20 years experience and 850 customers world-wide, Frontline Advisors is in a unique position to offer objective (we don’t sell software), and expert advise on how to optimize your investment in technology.


4 Keys for unlocking the power of your CRM Technology

If your CRM needs CPR… Why go it alone?

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Why go it alone?

If your CRM is in need of CPR and you’re open to some new ideas, maybe we can help.

Contact us and we can start a conversation.  Send me an email using the form here or call me (Allen Minster) at 314.315.0679.

Yes, I want to start a conversation. Also, send me the ‘What Went Wrong & Why Companies Invest in CRM’ check sheet.